Put Your Stamp On The World

The Diary of the Purple Passport began as the travelogue of gals-about-the-globe Emily Chang and Jennifer Garcia-Alonso, best friends and travel companions since high school.  Their international journeys led them to launch the taste-making online travel guide The Purple Passport and to add new friends and fellow travel enthusiasts to their blogging ranks.


Emily C. Brands

What can be more fascinating than going to a new city and absorbing the feel of life there, be it artistically through museums/theater/galleries or gastronomically through the regional cuisine? Sitting in a cafe or a lounge watching people enjoy themselves in simple pleasures such as eating or meeting with friends often speaks volumes about that culture, and I love seeing how these basic interactions play out in different places around the world. My home for the last ten years has been New York, and while this is my #1 city, every other city out there in the world has something wonderful and interesting to say as well. This is the beauty of traveling: you experience, you absorb, and, most importantly for me, you eat. Would love to hear back from you, email me!

Jennifer Garcia-Alonso

Over the course of the last 10 years, I have lived in Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Madrid, New York, and Abu Dhabi where I now reside with my husband. This constant change has taught me how to quickly “learn a city” and find the best of what it has to offer. I love trying out that great Michelin Starred restaurant (of course!), but get much more enjoyment out of finding the truly local spot that has the best schwarmas (or tapas, or cheesesteaks, or whatever the case may be!). I am a hotel enthusiast, a spa lover (I mean, who isn’t), an (all too) enthusiastic shopper, and a lover of life. I have traveled throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the US for both work and play…but there is still so much more to see. Email me! Would love to hear from you.

Rachel Levin

At home in Los Angeles, it’s not unusual to find me at a Lebanese restaurant, Cuban salsa club, and Korean tea house...all in one night! To me, travel is a state of mind, an orientation for exploring culture that doesn’t necessarily require jet lag. That’s why I write about the best of what I see, taste, and hear as an LA-based arts, culture, and travel journalist. But don’t write me off as just a hometown girl: I’ve got a serious case of international wanderlust that’s catapulted me to far-flung adventures in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. Don’t be surprised if you next hear from me on the beach in Salvador Bahia, Brazil, learning to samba.

The Purple Passport

We love to travel, but we simply can't be everywhere at once! That's why we've assembled a sophisticated cadre of "intelligence officers" to be our eyes and ears throughout the globe. Members of our Purple Panel are movers and shakers who live in the cities they write about and really know all the best places in town, from the shack serving the best torta to the chicest glove shop waiting to outfit your little fingers. Working in different industries from art to fashion to finance, panelists globetrot quite a bit themselves. They're volunteers who lend their insider knowledge for the love of travel, and they've earned our utmost confidence. Keep an eye out for their posts on the Diary of the Purple Passport.