Breakfast, Austin-style

March 11, 2011

AUSTIN, USA – Most Northerners know not of the culinary phenomenon known as the breakfast taco, myself included, until The New York Times ran an article in March of 2010 which opened the eyes of thousands of readers.

The breakfast taco is a wondrous mélange of egg scrambled with other ingredients that can include potatoes, cheese, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, all wrapped up in a soft, warm tortilla. This Southwestern delight can be enjoyed as is or with spicy salsas to help start the day off with a kick.

So as I read those words in the Times article my mouth started to salivate, and I sent an email to my boyfriend and another friend, siblings from Austin, and told them that I couldn’t wait to visit their hometown and partake in such deliciousness… And the day finally came when I went to Austin for the holidays.

We first hit El Chilito over on Manor Drive. Even though the breakfast taco menu is not overwhelmingly large, I was hard put to make a decision. Should I go meatless or should I just live it up and have the Breakfast Taco with all its meaty glory (bacon, ham, chorizo)? But then again, the Charlie’s Special went a little more ethnic with just chorizo and serrano, and it was someone’s special… Then there’s the Migas Taco, and I love my migas (tortilla strips sautéed with the scramble). The dilemma was solved when my boyfriend told me he was getting the Breakfast Taco and Charlie’s Special, so I went with a Migas Taco and a Charlie’s Special (after all, what’s a significant other there for if not to provide an extra sampling of food, right?). When I voiced my plan to sample his Breakfast Taco, I was quickly corrected that there would be no sharing at this meal. A bit surprised, it became clear to me why after I took my first bite into that soft tortilla laden full of lovely egg and meat and cheese. I wasn’t about to share mine either, and for that price ($2.29), there really is no need.

While El Chilito satisfied our craving for breakfast taco THAT particular day, a couple days later, it resurfaced… this time, we went to Porfirio’s Tacos. A simple storefront shop with just a couple tables, we placed our order at the stainless steel counter. This time I went with a simple bacon and egg taco and my oh my, this was quite delicious. Yes, bacon is always good, but somehow when encased in that soft tortilla, all bundled up with soft fluffy eggs, and dipped in that intense-but-delicious salsa, it got that much better.

These are just a couple places offering this fine breakfast option. Other favorites include Magnolia Café and even Taco Cabana with its freshly made tortillas. Make the rounds; trust me, it’s worth it.

El Chilito
2219 Manor Drive
Austin, TX
El Chilito on Urbanspoon

Porfirio’s Tacos
1512 Holly Street
Austin, TX
Porfirio's Tacos on Urbanspoon

Magnolia Café
1920 South Congress; 2304 Lake Austin Blvd.
Austin, TX
Magnolia Cafe on Urbanspoon

Kerbey Lane Cafe
3704 Kerbey Lane (and other locations)
Austin, TX
Kerbey Lane Cafe (Allandale/Brentwood) on Urbanspoon

Taco Cabana
(throughout Austin as well as other locations)
Taco Cabana on Urbanspoon

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