Wii love it: nightlife and Nintendo make Beijing’s Hotel G a grownup’s playground

September 10, 2012

Photo of Hotel G courtesy of Roy_ via Flickr Creative Commons

BEIJING, CHINA – It sounds like every teenager’s dream: a cool room done up in bold colors with an iPod docking station, a complimentary Nintendo Wii, free-flowing soft drinks, and the mall at your doorstep. But make no mistake, there’s nothing adolescent about Beijing’s Hotel G. Don’t bring the kids; the teen-friendly amenities belie the fact that this is very much a “grownups doing grownup stuff” kind of hotel.

Hot-button architect Mark Lintott drew inspiration from the swinging 60s for his retro-chic design. The windows are lit in bold colors like green, red, violet, and amber. Inside, the glam 60s styling (dark chocolate wood, velveteen couches, swing-arm lamps) feels fresh with savvy Chinese accents, and guests can entertain themselves by selecting their room’s custom lighting hue.

The mall is indeed at your doorstep here. The SanLiTun shopping and entertainment district, with its lively shops, clubs, bars, and restaurants, is only a short walk away. But don’t worry, the robust revelry won’t disrupt your serenity when you’re at the hotel.  Because it’s tucked away on a side street, you won’t have to deal with the noise of traffic or overly enthusiastic partiers outside your window (unless, of course, you’re one of them). And if you need something to ease you out of bed after a night on the town (or a night addicted to the Wii), go for the complimentary breakfast–it’s fab.

So, with all this playful design and party spirit, you may be wondering, what’s grown up about Hotel G? For starters, the service is class-act. You’ll never want for anything and you’ll leave knowing everyone’s name. The stylishly sophisticated Scarlett, G’s in-house wine bar and a darling of the Beijing drinking/dining scene, makes for a decidedly adult precursor to (or substitute for) nightlife. And the indoor/outdoor wellness center, including a Jacuzzi and garden spa (closed for renovation during my stay), lets you rejuvenate from all that play (though a full onsite spa would be even nicer).

Overall, I love Hotel G because it’s classy and cool but never loses its sense of fun. Plus, its reasonable rates and with all those complimentary perks, its luxuries are pretty affordable. And the confessional clincher: I’m hooked on Super Mario Bros. for Wii, so they had me at hello.

Hotel G
A7 Gong Ti Xi Lu
Chaoyang, Beijing, China
(86) 10-6552-3600

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