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Tempting Tuesday: Facials at Four Seasons LA, Just in Time for Spring

March 19, 2013

LOS ANGELES, USA – The oh-so luxurious treatments at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa in Los Angeles are no doubt the cream of the crop for rejuvenating skin care (really? Caviar facials?), but it can be a bit tricky to soak in the benefits of a spa day when we’ve… (more)
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Tempting Tuesday: Starting our Spring Beauty Regimens at Completely Bare NYC

February 26, 2013

NEW YORK, USA –It may not be sundress weather in NYC just yet, but for a city that plans its wardrobe a few seasons in advance, spring is definitely on the mind this week. Of course there’s always clothes shopping to be done for the warmer weather, but that’s only… (more)
Photo Credit: salanki on Flickr Creative Commons
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Tempting Tuesday: Bacon, Eggs, and a Massage at Ciel Spa

December 18, 2012

LOS ANGELES, USA – SLS Beverly Hills is the definition of a girls’ getaway weekend destination: an Altitude Pool Deck, swish Philippe Starck design, shopping chauffeurs, and—most importantly—the Ciel Spa at SLS. But with the stress and expense of the holiday season upon us, we need a massage and a… (more)
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Tempting Tuesday: Palm Beach Cure for Winter Chill

November 13, 2012

PALM BEACH, US – For those of us in the Northeast, not only has our fall foliage begun to fade, we’ve also been graced by our first snowstorm. With icy weather bearing down, it got us thinking about flying south for a winter getaway. A sunny spa trip and relaxing… (more)
Photo Credit: Four Seasons Hotel
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Tempting Tuesday: Treatments for a Cause at Four Seasons Spa

October 23, 2012

Relaxing at the spa in Beverly Hills, getting beautified, enjoying a glass of wine, munching on an antioxidant pomegranate salad, and going home with a free goodie bag of SpaRituals products…all for a good cause? Now that is the definition of a feel good day. Four Seasons Hotel Spa in… (more)
Photo courtesy of WOVOC on Flickr Creative Commons
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Tempting Tuesday: Haute Hair Services in Beverly Hills

August 28, 2012

LOS ANGELES, USA – Chances are, the summer has taken a toll on your hair. From chlorinated swimming pools to frizz-inducing humidity, the tress stress of the season calls for a little brink-of-fall therapy. Beverly Hills’s Juan Juan Salon just happens to be one of the chicest places in… (more)
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Tempting Tuesday: the Best of Bliss

August 21, 2012

NEW YORK, USA—Whether going back to school, a full-time work schedule, or simply welcoming fall, there’s nothing quite like a spa visit to get us ready for the next season. Booking a treatment at Bliss is a safe bet for fabulous beautifying services with a playful approach. We love… (more)
Photo of Beverly Hills Courtesy of illuminea of Flickr Creative Commons
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Tempting Tuesday: Beauty Buys in Beverly Hills

December 13, 2011

LOS ANGELES, USA- Hear that? It’s the collective sigh of relief from the ladies of Los Angeles. They’ve been fretting about their holiday party primping scheduling–when will I ever get my haircut? Can I squeeze in a blowout before the party? Is that really the color of my roots?–but now… (more)
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Tempting Tuesday: Nourish your nails at Dashing Diva

October 11, 2011

NEW YORK, USA- As much as we love the fall with its pumpkin spice lattes and cozy cable-knit sweaters, there are a few downsides to the season – particularly in our beauty regimens. That crisp, cool air makes a mess of our hair, skin, and nails, especially with dry hands… (more)
Photo courtesy of Ciel Spa
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Tempting Tuesday: Soothe your Skin at Ciel Spa

September 27, 2011

LOS ANGELES, USA- Whether it’s a post-summer exfoliation treatment or a nourishing pre-winter dryness preparation, every once in a while our skin needs a little love. We bake it on the beach, force it into itchy wool-polyester blends, and have tested more beauty products on it than most home shopping… (more)
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