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Flatiron & Gramercy Architecture
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Not Just a Building- the Flatiron in New York City

June 3, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA – 23 Skidoo. The iconic Flatiron building is partially responsible for this early 20th century American slang, coined by police officers telling hoards of boys to skedaddle. Apparently due to its triangular shape, this architectural wonder causes swirls in the wind, which makes ladies’ skirts fly… (more)
Radio City Music Hall
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The Great Grandeur of Radio City in New York

June 2, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA-It’s unbelievable that the world’s largest indoor theater sits in a city so infamous for tight spaces, but Radio City Music Hall defies more expectations than just size. With the signature red and blue wire signage, its facade is reminiscent of 1920s Gatsby-era New York City lavishness,… (more)
Photo Credit: Flickr user mvdpress
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Indulge Your Love of Arts and Music in Williamsburg

June 1, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA – Once a shabby industrial area, Williamsburg’s rapidly growing population has drastically changed from its historically prominent Hasidic and Latino communities. Unable to afford SoHo and Chelsea’s prime real estate, hipsters have been moving in to Williamsburg since the ’90s, bringing with them their trademark appreciation… (more)
Photo Credit: tanenhaus on Flickr Creative Commons
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Moving Forward with the 9/11 Memorial in NYC

May 29, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA – Throughout the past decade, NYC has been on its rebuilding mission. While that fateful day on September 11th will forever remain etched in our minds, something rather remarkable (and maybe even a bit poetic) has arisen from the ashes and broken steel beams that have… (more)
NBC Studio Tours New York City
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Life in Color at NBC Studio Tour in NYC

May 25, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA- Over at The Purple Passport, we are like to think we produce some quality media. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean much in the face of the media factory NBC Studios has got running in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza. This world headquarters is indeed a behemoth, though one filled with… (more)
Figure Eight Beach North Carolina
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The Hunt: Memorial Day Under the Sun

May 23, 2013

Global – Every week, The Purple Passport team goes out in search of a designated item in whatever city our team members happen to be. With Memorial Day right around the corner, we’ve been dreaming of lax summer days with our heads resting on nothing more than a towel on… (more)
Photo Credit: Allie_Caufield on Flickr Creative Commons
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Get Inspired at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art

May 22, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA – While John D. Rockefeller might have initially considered his wife’s interest in the Museum of Modern Art an outlandish endeavor, it has since become one of the most influential modern art museums across the world. Art snobs, creative thinkers, and wandering tourists often roam about… (more)
Ciao Bella in New York City
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Summer Picnics and Casual Treats

May 19, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA AND NEW YORK, USA – As the beginning of the summer beach season draws near here in North Carolina, my young brood is getting quite excited. My son’s love for eating sand coupled with my daughter’s desire to snooze with the sea breeze ruffling her faux-hawk (ok, she… (more)
Brooklyn Botanic Garden in NYC 2
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Celebrate Summer at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

May 18, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA – The cool breeze, bright blue skies, and warming temperatures can only signify one thing to New Yorkers: it’s summertime once again. And these days, it isn’t all that uncommon to see natives and visitors alike frolicking within the city’s greenery. Even with favorites like Central… (more)
The High Line in NYC 2
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Savor NYC’s Incredible Views at the High Line

May 15, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA – In a buzzing metropolis like New York City, it’s easy to get carried away in the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Throughout the years, its neighborhoods have transformed from their crime-laden roots in the ’90s into trendy, jetsetting areas. The Lower East Side, once… (more)
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