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Thinking Outside the Bob at Bang Salon in Washington, DC

January 15, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – Emma Lazarus’s poem “The New Colossus” is engraved on a bronze plaque inside the Statue of Liberty in New York. Over 130 years after Lazarus wrote it, her famous words remain a welcome call and symbol of freedom to the downtrodden around the world. “Give me… (more)
Photo courtesy of IntangibleArts on Flickr Creative Commons
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A Stellar Post-Collegiate Scene at Comet Ping Pong in Washington, DC

January 14, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – Most post-grads would agree that since graduation and the days of frat houses and beer pong, social events in the professional world look and feel remarkably different. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to find a sophisticated version of the collegiate party scene in Washington, DC at places… (more)
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Fueled by Flour at Bread Line in Washington, DC

January 13, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – In the same way that every middle-school cafeteria has its cool-kids table, every grown-up city has its cool-kids cafeteria. Hollywood movie stars and record-label royals in Los Angeles vogue for the camera at The Ivy. A-list Bohemians in New York hang low at Pastis. And in… (more)
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The Past is Present at Mount Vernon in Washington, DC

January 12, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – In the pursuit of novel experiences, a persistent world traveler will eventually happen upon a sight not only far from home, but seemingly far from the present day. London’s Kensington Palace, with its well-kept gardens and Orangery that serves a Royal Afternoon Tea, is one. Palm… (more)
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So Long, Farewell to Old-Fashioned Austria at Kafe Leopold in Washington, DC

January 11, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – It’s been a while since Austria had its moment in the spotlight, and when it comes to Austrian culture, some of the popular notions are downright dated. The Von Trapps took off for Switzerland decades ago. Cuckoo clocks are less for time-keeping than for safekeeping among… (more)
Neyla is a Mediterranean restaurant in DC that serves natural foods
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Wishes Fulfilled at Neyla in Washington, DC

January 7, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – “Neyla” means “a wish which is fulfilled” in Turkish, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for this  Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in Washington, DC. As soon as we sample from their menu of small plates and tasting platters, our wishes for scrumptious pan-Mediterranean fare… (more)
J. Press is a traditional menswear boutique DC
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Suit Up at J. Press in Washington, DC

January 6, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – Since its launch at Yale University in 1902, this menswear line has been every bit as preppy and collegiate as New England itself. While it may have started in Connecticut, the J. Press boutique has become a staple in Washington, DC’s menswear scene. US Presidents, statesmen,… (more)
Jack Rose Dining Saloon is a popular spot to grab a scotch and enjoy a meaty dish in DC
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Get “Roped In” at Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, DC

January 5, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – Echoing the style of Western saloons in the 1800s, Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, DC gives us exactly what we need on a chilly night out: aged whiskey and meaty entrees. While traditional saloons served the nomad cowboy or out-of-town visitor, this social hotspot attracts… (more)
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Bowl in the Fast Lane at Lucky Strike in Washington, DC

January 4, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – There are some things that retain their charms forever. There are some, on the other hand, that lose a certain amount of magnetism as they—or we—age. Sweet and innocent in a 1950s or high-school-date kind of way, bowling may be one item we’d gently prescribe to… (more)
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There’s Nothing Ordinary about Smith Commons in Washington, DC

January 2, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – Though it may have a typical name, there’s nothing common about Smith Commons in Washington, DC. Not to be confused with other average Joe bars on H Street, this gastropub stands out for its variety of excellent food paired with seemingly endless drinking and seating options.… (more)
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