Friday Finds: Why We Travel

August 26, 2011

The love for travel is universal—shared by people from all across the world—but it is also intensely personal. The reasons and the places we choose to travel mark important moments in our lives, whether it’s a cruise to Alaska after graduation, an escape to Italy for a honeymoon, or an annual vacation to visit family in Russia. Then there are countless other ways and reasons that we decide to travel, sometimes because we’re in the mood to bungee-jump in New Zealand or because we found a really cheap flight to San Francisco and thought, why not? This week, our four best reasons to travel:

To get in touch with nature in a beautiful recluse like the Midi-Pyrénées [Mallory on Travel]

To leave our comfort zones and do something crazy, like get on a hot air balloon [Wild Junket]

To heal ourselves in one of these 10 travel destinations for the broken-hearted [Boots n All]

To live, eat, and explore like a local, with five off-the-beaten-path spots in Vietnam [IBTraveler]

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