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Friday Finds: National Zoo and Aquarium Month – Where the Wild Things Are

June 1, 2012

Photo Credit: Shi Zhao

Summer is just about here and today kicks off the National Zoo and Aquarium Month in the United States. Here’s a roundup of zoo and aquarium finds around the country and around the world (for anyone abroad) to get you planning some fun summer activities.

Love dolphins? Visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore this month. “Last month, after a 20-year run, the National Aquarium discontinued the dolphin shows…The dolphin show is now a “dolphin exploration.” Visitors can drop in whenever they like. The dolphins will perform stunts every hour and a half or so, but they will be simpler and shorter, and in between visitors can see the dolphins go about their daily lives of training and just hanging out.” [The Baltimore Guide]

In nearby Washington, DC, animal lovers can take advantage of free admission at the Smithsonian National Zoo and see animals like pandas, orangutans, reptiles, birds and more. [greenatopia]

And if you visit later this summer, you’ll be able to see the adorable cheetah cubs’ public debut, after surviving a difficult birth and abandonment by their mother. They will be hand-raised at the Smithsonian National Zoo. [Washingtonian]

“From May 31 to June 6, more than 200 museums across the state will be part of the inaugural New York State Museum Week and will be offering special events, activities and promotions to give guests a sample of the exhibitions and programs available at the nearly 2,000 museums located throughout New York.” And The Bronx Zoo is included! [Albany Kid]

Around the globe, you can enjoy Beijing’s Blue Zoo (largest aquarium of its type in Asia). “The daily highlight is when specially trained divers descend into the tank to feed the sharks. It’s quite a thrill to be this close to the action. If you yourself fancy a dive, you can inquire about diving in the central tank–scuba classes are held here (though don’t expect to be let loose amongst the sharks anytime soon), and if you’re a certified diver already, you can go diving as well.” [Diary of The Purple Passport]

And over in Singapore, the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo is favorite. “Night Safari replicates the terrain of lush geographical zones from the Himalayan Foothills to the Indian Subcontinent to Equatorial Africa, so the animals frolic in dense vegetation, towering trees, and flowing streams that feel like home.”

Hope to see you at the zoo/aquarium this month!

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