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The Hunt: Wintertime Tradition

January 10, 2013

Global – Every week, The Purple Passport team goes out in search of a designated item in whatever city our team members happen to be in at that time. With the holiday season behind us, we’re looking forward to taking on January and February at our own speed. It gives us a bit more time to revisit our wintertime traditions, whether they take place in our neighborhood or a few hundred miles away!

Skylite Lounge
Abu Dhabi

The Skinny: At 70 to 80 degrees, it doesn’t feel much like that stay-inside-and-bundle-yourself-up time of year here in Abu Dhabi. Winter is actually just the opposite, it is the time to get out and explore, and enjoy the outdoor dining, drinking and sporting opportunities in the UAE (before the spring and summer heat starts to smolder). One of my favorite places to sip an evening cocktail (we go every year) is the Yas Viceroy Hotel’s rooftop Skylite Lounge. The fresh air, ambience and extensive menu of drinks and desserts makes for a lovely evening out, and once in awhile guests can even catch a glimpse of the planes that seem to fly dangerously close before touching down at the nearby international airport.

– Jenn

Tarpon Springs, FL

The Skinny: As a wintertime tradition, I travel to visit my family to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s and the winter holidays. Since they moved from New Jersey to Florida a few years ago, I’ve been making the trip to the Sunshine State to see them and creating new memories and wintertime traditions in their new home state. The past 2 years we’ve visited Tarpon Springs, located about a half hour north of Clearwater during the winter holiday season. Whatever the season, taking a trip to Tarpon Springs is almost like visiting Greece. The fact that it has the highest Greek American population in America is mirrored in the city’s architecture, cuisine, music, shopping and festivities. Festivities are in full blast here during the winter holidays, with tourists and locals alike, enjoying traditional Greek cuisine and live entertainment (which is never hard to find here). The Sponge Docks also attract a big crowd of people on a regular basis, with many tourists picking up natural sponges at the gift shops nearby.


Photo credit: kthypryn on Flickr Creative Commons.

Boston Symphony Hall
Boston, MA

The Skinny: I have many fond memories of going to symphonies and classical music performances around Boston with my grandfather. While the music itself was always striking, I also got caught up in the architecture of the theaters as well. Boston Symphony Hall is my favorite venue in the city, with elaborate chandeliers, ornate sculpture, and soaring ceilings. Symphony Hall–built in 1900 to house Boston Symphony Orchestra– is a historic piece of Boston and certainly a show in and of itself!

–Rachel S.

Photo credit: Rich Moffitt on Flickr Creative Commons.

Palm Springs, CA

The Skinny: Winter is one of my favorite times to visit Palm Springs. It’s just a two-hour jaunt from my home in Los Angeles, and I typically make the annual pilgrimage on one of the three-day weekends in January or February. Occasionally a winter heat wave will hit, making it an awesome warm-up in the midst of winter’s chill. But even if temps are cool, the dose of desert sunshine is the perfect recharge after too many cloudy days (yes, sometimes LA can be dreary!). The annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, held in January, is a perk too. Picture perfect!

– Rachel L.

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