The Hunt: Dessert!

November 24, 2011

Global – Every week, The Purple Passport team goes out in search of a designated item in whatever city our team members happen to be in at that time. We wanted to share with you, our readers, some of our finds from around the world! This week’s theme, in honor of Thanksgiving was dessert! So get ready to start salivating, because you’ll find yourself craving some of these delicious treats:

“I Am Irresistible” Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie

Cafe Gratitude; Los Angeles, CA

The Skinny: I don’t eat wheat or refined sugars (sigh!), so pie/dessert is usually off my radar, which is why the “I Am Irresistible” chocolate coconut cream pie at the organic, vegan Cafe Gratitude is like manna from heaven. Seriously, even wheat/sugar eaters will marvel at this gluten-free, silken, creamy treasure sweetened with Medjool dates and vanilla–go ahead, order it a la mode (no guilt, or dairy, involved)!
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– Rachel

Sampler: Coconut Brulee Cheesecake, Fudge Ripple Bread Pudding, Chocolate Zuccotto
The Dessert Lady; Orlando, FL

The Skinny: Tucked between jam-packed bars full of people spilling out onto the streets of downtown Orlando, The Dessert Lady takes you to a quieter place for conversation over decadent cakes and wine. On the hunt for the best dessert, I ordered the Sampler, which consisted of half portions of cakes: the Coconut Brulee Cheesecake, Fudge Ripple Bread Pudding, and Chocolate Zuccotto. Of the three, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I will say that the Chocolate Zuccotto lived up to the ‘chocolate’ in its name- so decadent! Dessert win.
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Ice Cream Sandwich

The Meatball Shop; Brooklyn, NY

The Skinny: This ice cream sandwich is the perfect end to a meal at The Meatball Shop (or anywhere else, really)–not only is the ice cream to die for, but the cookie is also top-notch (and you can mix and match the top and bottom layers)! There’s a selection of cookies and ice creams, but here I’ve gone for a peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream inside. Just looking at the photo now makes me hungry–yum.
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Fall Medley pie slice

Two Little Red Hens; New York, NY

The Skinny: The cakes and cupcakes from this tiny Upper East Side bakery are legendary, but it’s the pie I’m willing to stand in line for. The crust is To. Die. For.  (soft, buttery, and sweet but not sickly), and the fruity filling (think apples, pears, plums, dried fruit, ginger, and walnuts) has a gorgeous spicy tang.
Two Little Red Hens on Urbanspoon


Chocolate Tart

Gugelhopf Patisserie; Durham, NC

The Skinny: The simple name of this tart belies the heavenly bliss that comes with each bite. The chocolate filling is rich but surprisingly light; the tart shell delicious buttery and chocolatey. The first time I had this sinful tart was at my baby shower, and I thought perhaps that was why I found it so amazing. To test this theory, I’ve gone back postpartum, and my-oh-my, this tart is still #1 on my dessert list.


Chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream

Billy’s Bakery; New York, NY

The Skinny: Cupcakes are a nationwide trend, and in a land of big-name New York bakeries (Magnolia; Crumbs; Melissa’s), Billy’s takes the cake. To me, there can be no comparison to the delectably moist crumble and the super-sweet just-crusted frosting that tops every treat. Not to mention each one is perfectly small enough to tempt a second, third, or (oh, I can never resist) fourth taste.
Billy's Bakery on Urbanspoon


Flat White

Earth Good Store; Sydney, Australia

The Skinny: I’m still on a Sydney high in the wake of my recent trip there, and since no dessert, Thanksgiving or otherwise, is complete without a nice cup of coffee, I thought I would share with you a famous Australian Flat White (prepared by pouring foam from the bottom of a pitcher, called micro foam, into a shot of espresso, leaving an ultra smooth texture). This one was snapped at the Earth Food Store right near Bondi Beach. And since it’s made from all natural, organic ingredients, it’s even more delicious and nutritious than you would expect from a coffee!


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