The Hunt: Hot Beverages

December 1, 2011

Global – Every week, The Purple Passport team goes out in search of a designated item in whatever city our team members happen to be in at that time. We wanted to share with you, our readers, some of our finds from around the world! This week’s theme in light of the cooler weather was hot beverages. Here are a few of our favorite refreshments we think will help warm you up this season:

Green Tea & Spirit Mint Tea; USD 4.00
The Mudd House; Washington, DC

The Skinny: After spending two weeks in sunny Orlando, I arrived back to DC Wednesday morning to be met by cold temperatures and wind. I rode the train to Farragut North and walked a few blocks to the aromatic scent of coffee blends, teas, and hot dishes inside The Mudd House. I ordered the Green Tea and Spirit Mint Tea, along with a light lunch. The hot beverage choice helped warm me up and prepare me for a brisk walk back to the Metro. Having worked in an office next to The Mudd House, I will warn you they have a morning and lunch crowd- adding testament to the popularity of their teas and coffee.
Mudd House on Urbanspoon


Berry Patch Hot Tea; USD 1.85
LA Cafe; Los Angeles, CA

The Skinny: I’m kind of a tea fanatic (not really a coffee drinker), so I’m always on the hunt for unique, bold tasting teas. This loose-leaf blend called Berry Patch at downtown’s LA Cafe has such a deep reddish-purple color (full of holiday cheer!) that it’ll leave berry stains on your napkin, and such a naturally sweet, rich flavor that you won’t mind passing up all those creamy, syrupy coffee drinks.
L.A. Café on Urbanspoon


Cafe Latte; (21 AED or ~USD 5.00, includes a mini croissant and bottled water)
Yas Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi
The Skinny: Friday is the 40th birthday of the United Arab Emirates (yes, this rapidly growing country is a mere 40 years old!). Celebration preparation is well underway, with parades, fireworks, and parties galore planed throughout the city. So I shouldn’t have been too surprised, when, upon ordering a latte today in the lobby of the Yas Rotana Hotel (one of my favorite spots to work in the city (free wifi, well air-conditioned, pool views, coffee and snacks)), I was delivered this festive beverage!


Spiced Dark Hot Chocolate; USD 4.75
The Chocolate Room; Brooklyn, NY

The Skinny: I’m not a fan of super sweet hot drinks, so usually I avoid hot chocolates, but this is one of the exceptions. It’s not too sugary, and I like the flavor combo of the slightly bitter tones of the dark chocolate and the kick from the spices (ancho and chipotle chiles, cinnamon, and cloves).
The Chocolate Room on Urbanspoon


Mint Hot Chocolate; USD 3.50
Bean Traders; Durham, NC

The Skinny: Who doesn’t love a good hot chocolate? Especially one that’s got a soft mint-y flavor… That’s why I love this Bean Traders’ mint hot chocolate; it’s not too minty, and it’s got a subtle chocolate flavor that is just right for warming this gal up on a cold wintry day.


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