Opening the door to a romantic retreat at The Little Door in Los Angeles

December 24, 2012

LOS ANGELES, USA – Even in a city where the constantly rolling cameras make everyday life a public spectacle, the best action usually happens behind closed doors. Celebs retreat to their gated mansions, hipsters huddle behind the unmarked doors of speakeasy-style clubs, and couples looking for a romantic evening of Mediterranean food wax poetic at The Little Door.

The door of the Little Door itself is unmarked, but those in the know will open it to find themselves in a kind of secret garden, a fairy-light bedecked patio lush with bougainvilleas and ferns. Stars and starry-eyed couples alike pack the tables here (just note it can get a little noisy and cramped at times). Beyond the patio, you can burrow into three other distinct areas of this European country-style villa: the Winter Garden, a bamboo-covered open-air space; the Piano Room, with cozy dark wood and iron sconces; and the womb-like Blue Room, which is warmed by a hearth and mutton rugs (I sat here next to the fireplace, which was awesome). This division of small and interesting spaces afford increasing degrees of privacy, even though no further doors are technically closed.

Aside from the occasional celeb visit (Britney, Jay-Z, and Salma Hayek have all been spotted here) and lovers looking soppily into one another’s eyes, the real action here is on the plate. The authentic French-Moroccan cuisine draws a solid pack of über-foodies. Favorites include appetizers like Mediterranean mezzes and ahi tuna tartare and main attractions like pine nut-encrusted lamb. Organic produce from local farmers is used whenever possible.

Those who prefer to cozy up in the bar can enjoy selections from their eclectic wine list or one of the seasonal cocktails made with farm-fresh ingredients and vintage liquors. Late night, when things get even more sultry, you can order from the special lounge menu (after 10:00pm Sunday-Thursday and after 11:00pm Friday-Saturday).

With the fireplace going and flames flickering atop wrought-iron candelabras, The Little Door gives new meaning to the notion of a Hollywood hotspot. It can be a truly transportive experience−you really feel like you’re at a rustic hideaway “en Provence,” so much so that you forget you’re in LA…until the door opens and you’re faced with tipping the valet.

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The Little Door
8164 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA
(1) 323-951-1210
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Rachel Levin contributed to this post.

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