Triage for travel-weary skin at Dermalogica Concept Space

April 9, 2010

SANTA MONICA, CA – One of the drawbacks of airline travel is the toll that it takes on my skin. Between the effects of the dehydrating air of the plane’s cabin and the less-than-flattering imprints from trying to sleep on those too-small in-flight pillows, I often arrive at my destination with my skin looking not unlike a used paper sack.

So, imagine my delight when I arrived at the Dermalogica flagship on Santa Monica’s swank Montana Ave. after a grueling cross-country flight. The “Concept Space” puts top-of-the-line Dermalogica products into action with expert facials and treatments — some of which are specifically aimed at weary travelers.

The space itself is minimalist and ultra-mod. Think white, clean stark white. Treatments are administered in futuristic-looking, pod-shaped spaces that take the place of treatment rooms. Initially, I felt a little apprehensive about going from plane to pod, fearing another impersonal, technologically determined space. What I really craved were some soothing natural woods and water elements.

Luckily, however, my attending clinician did everything she could to soften the pod and the experience. She invited me to make custom music choices on the stereo. Offers of gentle massages and a hot cup of tea cozied things up even more.

The clinicians here are all highly trained experts, but they also seem to have a “sixth sense” intuition about your skin’s needs that goes beyond mere cosmetologic training. In the free “Face Mapping” treatment, my clinician proved herself practically psychic, seeing into my skin’s past, present, and future as the description promised. After an analysis of my skin from forehead to collarbone, I opted for the Dermalogica Skin Treatment, to get a good comprehensive cleaning and hydrating.

The treatments seemed to remove all kinds of time zones from my face! I was all aglow. The only wrinkle, so to speak, came at the very end of my treatment, when the clinician suddenly slipped into infomerical mode and went for the hard sell on products to maintain my results. For some, the guidance to invest in the right products is clearly the reason to come here, but for me, the means was the end. I didn’t want to weigh down my luggage with products (samples don’t count) for my return trip, but I’ll definitely be back to Dermalogica whenever I arrive on the left coast for another “plane-to-pod” pick-me-up.

1022 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA
(1) 310-260-8682

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