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Friday Finds: Evidence of Things Unseen

October 25, 2013

It’s less than a week until ghosts and ghouls emerge for their annual holiday, and it seems everyone is getting in the spirit of things. Our favorite bloggers around the world have been taking to their laptops to share stories of findings strange and eerie in their home cities—and not all reports can be chalked up to their Halloween fever. Haunted hotels, secret theaters, works of art with no apparent source: Something greater indubitably is afoot in the travel-and-culturesphere.

Photo courtesy of Sarah_Ackerman on Flickr Creative Commons

It may be that even the most familiar hotels have histories nobody knows—or at least that’s the allegation of Tablet, who suggests that eight of the world’s best-loved inns are seriously haunted. From Los Angeles’s Château Marmont to the Czech Republic’s Château Mcely, the blog has revealed decades of stories about ghostly guests. The haunting continues at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, home of the Tropicana Bar, and the Bowery Hotel in New York City, home of the Lobby Bar. Is there another dimension to these lodgings we thought we knew so well? [Tablet Talk]

Paris has been explored exhaustively, and yet Girls Guide to Paris has now come forward to insist that La Ville Lumière has shadowy regions yet. The publication contends that there are not one, but five sights that locals (or tourists, for that matter), never see. Included on their list: a puppet theater, a classic movie theater, and real-life secret gardens. Is it really possible that for all of its history, one of the world’s most well-enjoyed cities could go partly undiscovered? Might there be more to these places than we can perceive? [Girls Guide to Paris]

Photo courtesy of Alexandra on flickr Creative Commons

Banksy has taken to a new city for his hallmark peace-disturbing. Traces of the vestigial vandal have been cropping up all across New York’s Manhattan and Brooklyn. His work also appears, albeit in secondary form (Banksy works for no man), on the walls of Miami’s new Riviera South Beach. In fact, Banksy tagged London for yearsand yet his identity remains anonymous (his online claims about the Central Park incident surfaced only after the event), leading us to wonder, Is this so-called phantom artist just that? [Gothamist, Hotel Chatter]

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