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Friday Finds: Cold-Weather Cuppa Competition

November 15, 2013

Photo courtesy of joo0ey on Flickr Creative Commons

As temperatures plummet, we’re prone to making up for lost degrees in furious fits of warm beverage-drinking. And while coffee might keep us going energy-wise in wintry climates, a cup of joe is not (quite) enough to thaw our shivering selves. No, even these caffeine addicts need to turn to other piping-hot liquids for warmth—but fortunately, ’tis the season when just such refreshments are in ready supply. There are few bowls that won’t warm our souls as well as our bodies, and thanks to our favorite blogs, we now know exactly which soups, teas, and hot chocolates to order first.

Since the mid-2000s, fresh-off-the-soup-cooker ramen has taken off as culinary Manhattan’s hottest commodity. While keeping track of excellent ramen-ya’s was easy in the early days, the craze’s persistence has given rise to a ramen geography far greater than our heads can hold. Thankfully, though, the day for ramen-remembering—ramenbering?—is over: All You Can Eat Press has just released its 33-page, New York Ramen Map, and it lists all the city’s most savory soup shops (and best-kept secrets).
[Grub Street]

Photo courtesy of rlinger on Flickr Creative Commons

All hot chocolate is good hot chocolate, but in a battle of World’s Richest, only one cup of cocoa can triumph. Will it be the cup of pure-old-fashioned goodness from Angelina in Paris, or that of cinnamon/hot-pepper piquancy from Soma in Toronto? By a miniscule margin, the victory goes to Soma’s.
[Girls Guide to Paris]

“Teatime” or not, we believe that every moment is right for imbibing the sweet-tasting liquid. Not every tea stop hits the spot, though, and in Paris, a select few stand out from the pack. Among many others, Ladurée offers its famed macaron menu; Mariage Frères has a tea menu of 600 varieties; Jugetsudo is all about Japan; and Rose Bakery Room and Café Pouchkine are prime for a side of pastries—not to mention shopping (they’re inside Le Bon Marché and Printemps, respectively).
[Hip Paris]

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