Shake-ing things up on NYC’s Upper West Side

January 17, 2009

NEW YORK, USA – Four and a half years ago, the Shake Shack opened in Madison Square Park. Danny Meyer’s concept was simple: an outdoor burger joint (non-carnivores have options too) in a lovely park setting. Simple concept, brilliant results: I can’t remember the last time I walked by the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park (top picture) between the spring and fall seasons when there wasn’t a line that made me cringe and run the other way. But, I can’t deny the draw that hundreds of others feel…the frozen custard, the burgers, the shakes…they’re so good.

Lucky for me and all other Shake Shack fans, Danny Meyer expanded this simple concept to the Upper West Side in mid-October of 2008. The menu’s the same; go crazy with the Shack Burger and wash it down with a Concrete with gobs of mix-ins. It’s delicious, and there’s indoor sidewalk seating upstairs, along with seating downstairs. And, while there always seem to be diners, the line doesn’t make me cringe and run away. Thank goodness!

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Shake Shack

UWS location:
366 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY
(1) 646-747-8770
Shake Shack (UWS) on Urbanspoon

Madison Square Park location:
11 Madison Ave.
New York, NY
(1) 212-889-6600

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