Erika Marie from Fashion Chalet Talks Barney’s, Bracelets, and Brier Creek Commons

December 15, 2013

In the years since Erika Marie de Palol started Fashion Chalet, the stylista has appeared on the website of most every major fashion glossy (Glamour, Teen Vogue, New York magazine’s The Cut), as well as on store websites from Urban Outfitters to Jeffrey Campbell. Erika, in turn, has continued living the stylish life she did pre-fashion-world celebrity—but with hundreds of thousands awaiting her every outfit. A Raleigh local, Erika makes frequent trips to New York for Fashion Week as well as general fashionable fun (see pics from her New York shopping adventures here). The only thing more sweeter than her star style (which includes her fairytale shoe closet)? Her gracious personality. See for yourself below (and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, too!).

We love reading about your fabulous outfits and the places you wear them! Tell us about Fashion Chalet and how it got started.

Thank You! I was working at a boutique (Barneys New York) and going to school at the same time. When I moved and couldn’t find work, I started blogging as a hobby while I looked for a new job. After a few months, my blog started to gain some attention and I received some amazing opportunities—and gave up the job hunt. I have been blogging ever since—almost six years now!

Here at The Purple Passport, we’re always thinking about the intersection between  fashion and travel. How does your style influence the way you travel, and how do the things you do and places you go influence your style?

When I travel to New York (especially for Fashion Week) I dress much edgier and put 110% into every single look. So many stylish women roam the streets of New York. I want to stand out. It inspires me to try my best! I’m a bit more casual at home, yet always throw my own twist into every look. I love dressing up for my blog shoots, too!

We know you live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Where are your favorite places there to eat, hang out, and most importantly, shop?

I love Cameron Village, Brier Creek and North Hills—great shopping. My favorite restaurant is Oro!

We love the way you always have the perfect sunglasses, bracelet, or lipstick color for any outfit, wherever you are. What are the must-packs on an Erika de Palol packing list?

Thank you! I always pack my makeup bag that has my essentials: lipstick in red, pink, and nude; eyeliner; mascara; blush; face powder; and perfume samples. Then, I decide the shoes I want to wear and bring; after that I can decide the outfits and pieces to pack along with them. Sometimes they are new things, sometimes not. Music and old movies influence me a lot!

You’ve posted before about your travel makeup bag. What are your secrets to keeping your face fresh on a long or tiring flight?

Drink lots of water before and during flights. Stay hydrated. Take a nap with a face mask. And make sure to have healthy snacks (mixed nuts, granola bars, tea) to have energy.

What’s your favorite outfit you’ve worn, and where did you wear it?

There are quite a few. It’s so hard to decide. [Note: See pictures to the side for some of Erika’s favorite looks work to work and blog shoots.]

Are there any other style and lifestyle blogs that you love to follow (besides The Diary of The Purple Passport, of course)?,, and

Feel free to include any links to your social media channels or anything else you’d like to share.

Thank you for having me. I love my readers. THEY ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

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