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Looking (and tasting) every bit the part at Del Posto

August 13, 2008

MANHATTAN, USA – Del Posto is truly del-icious…not a surprise as one of the famed creations of my favorite Mario Batali. The seven course tasting menu ($175, $300 with wine pairing) is famous, but I prefer the more accessible five course do-it-yourselfer (Il Menu Del Posto, $95 – but supplements… (more)
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user Francisco Diez
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Taipei Topography 101: dispatches from the world’s tallest building (for now)

August 12, 2008

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Taipei’s 101 is enjoying its last year as the world’s tallest building (the Burj Dubai should be completed in mid-2009, at which time it will claim that title for itself), and I finally went up to the observatory level. The building has been around since 2004, and… (more)
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Brews only for large crews: touring the Taiwan Beer factory

August 12, 2008

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN – While Taiwan sells most of the brands to be found elsewhere in the world, the de facto national beer is Taiwan Beer. I had the good fortune to drop by the factory yesterday on a day trip to Taichung, a city in the middle of the island.… (more)
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Foodie genes and too-tight jeans in Taipei

August 10, 2008

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – I landed in Taipei three days ago to visit my grandmother for a week before hitting Hong Kong and Beijing. My annual trips here to visit my parents’ families tend to be gastronomically intense. Scratch the “tend” part – it’s a well-known fact within my family that… (more)
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New York’s central perk: My ideal day in “The Park”

August 8, 2008

MANHATTAN, USA – I’m not sure I’d be able to stand NYC without Central Park – don’t get me wrong, I love the crowds, the seemingly endless rows of buildings that strain my neck as I search for the top, and the twists and turns of the downtown sidewalks. But… (more)
Emily and Jenn
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And away we go…

August 7, 2008

MANHATTAN, USA – This is where we will highlight all of our favorite places and chronicle new experiences – cities, neighborhoods, hotels, restaurants, sights, cultural venues, spas, shops, nightlife, and anything else that we come across. Living in New York, there is so much to experience – the city is… (more)
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