Culinary hole in one at The Flagler Steakhouse in Palm Beach

January 4, 2013

PALM BEACH, USA – Given that Palm Beach County has a higher concentration of golf courses than anywhere in the country, it’s no shocker that golf is a really big deal around these parts. This is where international golfing superstars come to brush up on their games and design their dream courses, and where admiring amateurs come to study up with world class pros and play those aforementioned dream courses. And what does all this golf mean (well, besides lots of golf)? Golf cuisine!

Hey! Wipe that disbelieving look off your face. Yes, we know country clubs have a reputation for culinary conservatism that doesn’t win them that many foodie plaudits. But this is Palm Beach–and these are no your average clubhouses. Still don’t believe us? Then get yourself, post-haste (or post golf game) to The Flagler Steakhouse, the cream of the already creamy local clubhouse dining scene.

This classy, “casual” steakhouse run by The Breakers resort (and situated alongside one of its two lush courses), certainly has the masculine vibe you would expect from a golf club, with oak paneling, cream and gold décor and–most importantly–a power scene crowd. The menu, too, sticks with classics like rib chops, steak au poivre, and baked potatoes. Also true to form, there’s a dress code, albeit a relaxed one: golf shirts for guys are acceptable, but the likes of tank tops, cut-offs, flip flops, and swimwear are discouraged. And do be forewarned if you’re covering the bill–the steep prices are classic clubhouse too.

So, you’re probably asking, what sets this upscale casual resto apart from your usual golf club eatery? It’s hard to quantify, but we say that it’s the sophisticated Breakers panache, that ineffable savoir faire that brings together food, service, and presentation. This is what all golf dining should be. Plus, if the conservative dining room isn’t your thing, you can dine on the same expertly prepared classics out on the sleek terrace, which still offers great golf course views but a slightly more updated, relaxed atmosphere.

If we’re jonesing for the clubby eats and gossip with friends, we like to toss on a preppie sundress and flats and pop by for a late lunch on the terrace (make sure to get here before 3:00pm, though–from 3:00pm-6:00pm only the “clubhouse menu” is served.) If we’ve got someone to impress (grandparents, the boss, in-laws), the dressy dining room is one of our top picks for a “casual” special occasion dinner too.

But there’s no need to wait for an important occasion to swing by. Just being “into” golf is a good enough excuse in our book. Trusts us–you haven’t really golfed in Palm Beach until you’ve eaten at Flagler’s.

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The Flagler Steakhouse
2 S. County Rd.
Palm Beach, FL
(1) 561-653-6355
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