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Kicking back with the cool kids in town at Cucina Dell’ Arte in Palm Beach

January 7, 2013

PALM BEACH, USA – If Italian restaurant Cucina Dell’ Arte joined a sorority, she’d most definitely be social secretary. You know the type: always ready to get the party going (and keep it up into the wee hours), dragging you out to breakfast the “morning after,” and cheerfully getting along with just about everyone in the meantime.

We can’t help but grin as perky Cucina Dell’ Arte is among the “first to open, last to close” on the island. The day kicks off at 7:00am with gloriously calorific breakfasts (should you require, the omelettes and eggs Benedict have legendary hangover curing powers), then moves into low-key lunches (the menu of salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and pastas are true crowd pleasers–families, hungry shoppers, and cool kids all dig in), before moving on to dinner. Then, at 10:00pm, the staff pushes back the tables, cranks up the sound system, and kicks off one of the most hopping parties in town (20- and 30-somethings flock to cut loose) that doesn’t stop until 3:00am.

And just as a sorority girl would always have the perfect outfit for every occasion, the variety of moods throughout the day at the Cucina invite many fashionable opportunities. It’s the kind of place where we can roll up, daytimes, in movie star sunglasses and a cute little sundress, and where, after sundown, we can rock our sexiest little party frock (you know the one we mean–that sparkly little dress that’s been languishing in your suitcase as you work Lilly Pulitzer looks day in and day out down at the beach club).

Of course, for every popular party girl, there’s always a crowd of nay-saying gossips. Local snobs whine that it dampens dinnertime when tables start to be pushed away at 10:00pm, and that the simple Med-style décor is a bit too down-to-earth for the glitzy Palm Beach crowd. Fair enough on the first point, but on the second, all we can say is that the basic décor doesn’t seem to have discouraged rich and famous types like George Clooney, Drew Barrymore, Rod Stewart (we saw him here at breakfast!) and Peyton Manning from popping in. (Although, we can concede that it’s a little depressing cooped up indoors in the morning–do what you can to score one of the handful of outdoor tables, but be warned that competition for them is stiff.)

Shop around if you like, but we’re not kidding when we say that, should you be jonesing for some low key lounging or late night grooving, nothing tops the Cucina. She’s definitely the coolest party gal in town.

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Cucina Dell’ Arte
257 Royal Poinciana Way
Palm Beach, FL
(1) 561-655-0770
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