Pushing in with the in crowd at the Palm Beach Grill in Palm Beach

January 5, 2013

PALM BEACH, USA – It’s no secret that pedigree is a big deal in Palm Beach. New transplants to the island often lament the fact that their lack of legacy makes it tricky to get into the coolest parties and the most exclusive clubs.

But it’s not all bad news out there for those without a charmed lineage…just look at Palm Beach Grill. On this famously “chain free” island, where the well-heeled swoon at the mere murmur of “McDonalds,” the Palm Beach Grill has managed to make its way in the world despite (whisper it!) being a chain restaurant. That’s right folks, don’t be fooled by the local-sounding name: we’ve got an outpost of national chain Houston’s on our hands here. What it lacks in pedigree, however, the restaurant more than makes up for with pitch-perfect casual American dining. Perpetually mobbed, it’s one of the most popular joints in town.

We have to admit we’re following the crowd on this one. With a winning combo of top notch comfort food (think slow roasted pork ribs, crab cakes, and the delectable hot fudge sundae) and a buzzing bar scene, it’s an ideal spot to plant yourself for a laidback evening out.

The hitch? Well, the major problem is that scoring one of the dining room’s deep leather booths can be nigh impossible on weekend evenings, especially during “The Season.” Even with a reservation, waits can be loooong (this drives us insane), and without one, well…you’d better just forget it. It’s not really a surprise that things are so intense though, given that pretty much everyone in town (including celebs like Tiger Woods and James Patterson) turns up at some point. (If you can’t be bothered duking it out for a weekend reservation, know that it’s a bit easier to grab tables on weekdays.)

Or, skip the table altogether and just make for the bar, where a slightly younger set gets its groove on over specialty beers and cocktails (the full menu is also available at the bar). Sure, it’s noisy and cramped, but it’s pleasantly festive too. The service always manages to keep up, no matter how crowded (phew!), the food never falters, and (a huge boon by Palm Beach standards), the prices are pretty reasonable.

So don’t waste your visit wading through club memberships and waiting for those invites. Head to Palm Beach Grill and make your own party. Frankly, most club members will be hanging there already, anyway.

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Palm Beach Grill
340 Royal Poinciana Way
Palm Beach, FL
(1) 561-835-1077
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