Slip in with the society set at Ta-Boo Restaurant and Bar in Palm Beach

January 9, 2013

PALM BEACH, USA – I’d be willing to bet that one of the keys to Palm Beach’s success as a rich-and-famous hangout is hedges. Hear me out on this. By my reckoning, the way this posh little enclave has wooed the power set over the years has been with the twin lures of luxury and discretion. All the tony treats and glamorous escapades you could desire are at your fingertips…and all of them are hidden from snoops (particularly the kind with telephoto lenses) by the perfectly clipped hedges ringing the town’s elegant villas and the exclusive clubs. Still with me? Good.

So how do we tap into this notoriously walled off scene? How do we get under the skin of a town that holds its cards close and keeps its rose bushes tall? Simple: Ta-Boo Restaurant and Bar. Since the 1940s, this storied restaurant on Worth Avenue has been attracting the town’s key players to its legendary dining room. This is where Sinatra came to use his blue eyes to his best advantage, where the Duke and Duchess of Windsor came to shake off the scandal mongers, where JFK…well, you know the deal. Let’s just say the juicy legends about such famous clientele are still the focal point of Palm Beach cocktail parties.

Take a seat on a wicker chair in the dining room or by the perpetually populated bar, and it’s like you’re poking your head right through those hedges. Vintage touches like the classic snowy white linens, the tinkling piano, and signature Ta-boo china put us in mind of escapades of days gone by. That said, even just a light a taster of eavesdropping on the well-connected society set gathered around these tables is enough to tell you that risqué intrigues are still swirling through Palm Beach today.

One of our favorite times to stop by is for a late lunch after hitting the shops on Worth Avenue. We pull together a crisp, tailored look and pop by to scope the “ladies who lunch” as we nibble on bistro classics (the entrée salads and coconut crème custard pie are both worth trying). But if we really want the dirt, we don a drapey little dress and linger over classic cocktails at the popular bar. The mature crowd may look genteel, but oh the stories they do tell!

Word to the wise–if you want the ultimate scene-scoping experience, try to score the table by the front window. This is considered the “it” spot because you can watch everyone come in and pass by on the street–you’ll know you’ve made it on the Palm Beach scene if you can wrangle a reservation for it. Don’t forget though–front table or not, you can scope and hobnob all you like at Ta-Boo, but seal those lips when you walk out the door if you want to really make it on this scene. Nothing should go beyond the hedges.

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Ta-Boo Restaurant and Bar
221 Worth Ave.
Palm Beach, FL
(1) 561-835-3500
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