The buttoned-up Breakers resort goes trendy at Echo in Palm Beach

January 12, 2013

Photo courtesy of Echo

PALM BEACH, USA – Don’t get us wrong, we have a soft spot for Palm Beach’s oh-so-preppy scene. It’s just that sometimes, well…it gets a little same-y. No matter how much we love kicking around at “the club” in our cutest little day dresses, there comes a time when we just need a break from those Lilly Pulitzer pinks and greens, those loafers and sport coats, when we desperately crave a dose of a trendy cool that’s a bit more, well, edgy. And when that day comes, we head to Echo, a buzzy little joint run by…The Breakers. Yes, that would be the same Breakers resort that’s the epitome of Palm Beach preppy.

Are we joking? Nope! We don’t know what happened, but for all that it’s a bastion of traditional Palm Beach culture, The Breakers has managed to tap into cool kid traffic with this sexy, lounge-y off-property restaurant. This is where the town’s under-40s congregate on date night for trendy eats and fruity cocktails.

Fittingly, the pan-Asian menu rolls with the times with fashionable eats that zip from Japan to China to Thailand to Vietnam–highlights include the sushi bar, dim sum, and the open-flame creations. (Not that trendy kids should be thinking so practically, but we do like how the wide selection means that there is something for everyone on the menu. On the other hand, though, Echo may be stretched too thin in its effort to please–everything is good but very few items really “wow.”)

Photo courtesy of Echo

Echo is where you relax on cushy banquettes in the sleek blue and gray low-lit dining room or from a prized terrace seat as you nibble on your entree. Just as well, because the youthful staff are as good looking and well connected as the clientele, meaning they often forget they’re supposed to be bringing you the eats. If you really want to be plugged into the young scene, pair dinner on the terrace (it overlooks the street, but the fresh Palm Beach air compensates) with cocktails-’til-late at the bar.

Sure, you may say, but what’s the point of coming to Palm Beach if you’re going to skip the classic preppy scene? Therein lies the true allure of Echo: without even (technically) stepping off The Breakers property, we can indulge in a mini-break to the world of trendy young things, before heading back to our hotel, slipping into some Lilly Pulitzer duds, and going for a walk on the beach.

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230 Sunrise Ave.
Palm Beach, FL
(1) 561-802-4222
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