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Photo of Oyamel courtesy of yosoynuts on Flickr Creative Commons
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“Chic-o” de Mayo: Celebrate Mexican Heritage in Style

May 5, 2014

GLOBAL – The fifth of May is an annual celebration of Mexican pride, commemorating as it does a Mexican victory over French forces back in 1862. In the US and Europe, the fiestas that mark Cinco de Mayo often tend to be of the kitschy kind, in which the only… (more)
Photo credit: russteaches on Flickr
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Friday Finds: Cinco de Mayo Meets Derby Day in NYC

May 4, 2012

With the weekend right around the corner, New York tourists and locals alike are looking forward to the Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby festivities all around the city. Both events have been known for drawing big crowds, lots of booze and all-around festive celebrations. It will not… (more)