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Gramercy Tavern in New York
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5 NYC Eateries Perfect for Dining Alone

June 19, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, USA - Whether you’re traveling alone on business, taking a lunch break by yourself, or simply seeking a bit of solitude, there’s no reason why a party of one can’t still be a party. So, in this new series, we’re pointing the way to eateries where the food… (more)
Yuzu Japanese Kitchen
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A Guide to the Best Dining in Foodie Obsessed Taipei

August 4, 2012

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Anthropologist extraordinaire Margaret Mead once said, “A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to taste the food of any country … to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again.” Perhaps nowhere is that… (more)
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Breakfast, Austin-style

March 11, 2011

AUSTIN, USA – Most Northerners know not of the culinary phenomenon known as the breakfast taco, myself included, until The New York Times ran an article in March of 2010 which opened the eyes of thousands of readers. The breakfast taco is a wondrous mélange of egg scrambled with other… (more)
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Taking the grease out of the greasy spoon at Cora’s Coffee Shoppe

July 16, 2010

SANTA MONICA, USA – I can just imagine what Cora’s Coffee Shoppe must have been like in the 1920s. The cute-as-a-button diner still features the original black and white tile floors and shiny chrome counter, and it’s not hard to visualize a dame named Cora in a cherry-print apron behind… (more)
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Certifiably green and delicious at Founding Farmers

June 4, 2009

WASHINGTON DC, USA – Since this is my first blog post here at the Purple Passport, I decided that I would highlight a great restaurant, Founding Farmers, from my city of Washington DC, which combines eco-friendly dining with very tasty food. The restaurant is owned by a group of family farmers,… (more)
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Post-slope perfection at Sweet Basil

January 26, 2009

VAIL, USA – After a day on the slopes, the last thing I’m looking for is a formal, big deal dinner. I’m usually completely exhausted and have just a little bit of that lingering chilled to the bone feeling. I like to throw on jeans, cowboy boots (yup, I got… (more)
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Spaetzle and other slope-side comfort food at Pepi’s

January 22, 2009

VAIL, USA – My first day on the slopes, I descended tired, hungry, and thirsty (even more so than on a usual ski day!). Being a bit out of ski shape, I couldn’t quite muster the strength to ski a full day, so Mom and I headed to seek out… (more)
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Ritz-Carlton dining, Caymans style

January 19, 2009

GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS – The Ritz-Carlton on Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands. Writing those words, I can’t help but sigh contentedly…this is where people go to for destination weddings (one of which I happened to witness on Sunday – note to self: sand doesn’t lend itself to… (more)