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Tempting Tuesday: Getting Back on Track with London’s Spa InterContinental

January 21, 2014

LONDON, UK – Following the holiday season madness, we are finding ourselves a bit ragged. But who has time for those indulgent spa treatments that we luxuriated in last month? Work’s in full swing, school’s back in session, and we are just barely keeping up with life, let alone making… (more)
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Smashing sushi at Chisou in London

April 29, 2012

LONDON, UK – At first glance, Chisou might seem a touch under-accessorized.  The interiors at this Japanese izakaya (tavern) style eatery are notably spare:  black floors, plain wooden furniture, and a small sushi bar are the only adornments to the room.  It seems the equivalent of wearing a plain black… (more)
Photo courtesy of Cecconi's
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Sunrise to Sunset at Cecconi’s in London

April 23, 2012

LONDON, UK- Being consistently glamorous from sun-up all the way through afterhours is a distinction that few can claim, with the possible exceptions of Heidi Klum and Cecconi’s, a classic Italian eatery in London’s moneyed Mayfair that serves the well-heeled from omelets to aperitifs.  Where most restaurants of its caliber… (more)
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Tempting Tuesday: A-maze-ing Mayfair lunching

July 26, 2011

LONDON, UK – We get it, the hefty price tags and sharp suited scene at most steakhouses don’t exactly scream “casual lunch date on a girls day out.” That said…we just got word that dining website TopTable is offering two-course lunches for GBP 21 and three-course lunches for GBP 24… (more)