Zenned Out on Yogurt at FroZenYo in Washington, DC

February 13, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – It may be a tall order to find enlightenment in a cup of frozen yogurt, but if there’s any place that can deliver a bit of zen via a cold treat, it’s FroZenYo. The Washington, DC chainlet offers such a dizzying array of flavors and topping choices that you practically have to enter a meditative state in order to hone in on what to choose.

It’s a self-serve affair, and self control can definitely be challenging here. You can mix and match flavors to satisfy all of your cravings and then top it off, if you so choose, with hot fudge (free!) and a selection of sweet additions like candy and sprinkles. Bring your entire creation to the counter, where the price will be calculated by weight (it can add up quickly, FYI).

Even if you don’t pile on the toppings, the fro yo is excellent just by itself. Rotating flavors include “gourmet” offerings like maple bacon doughnut, salted caramel pretzel, and Greek black cherry. Clearly not your average yogurt! At the same time, they do the standards pretty well, whether it’s raspberry, cookies ‘n cream, or good ol’ vanilla. Novel flavors like cotton candy, toasted marshmallow, and birthday cake are good for the kiddos (and those nostalgic for childhood tastes). And if you want to be really “zen,” opt for Far Eastern flavors like green tea and taro.

While no one could claim that frozen yogurt is “health food,” it’s possible to escape from the shop with your diet fairly unscathed. Flavors are either 98% or 100% fat free, and there are non-dairy and no-sugar-added options as well. If you stick with more health-minded toppings like fresh fruit and granola, you’ll get a nutritive boost. Plus, the yogurt contains health-promoting live active cultures.

At the end of a hot summer sightseeing day, the cool yogurt really is a godsend. Water goes for 29 cents a bottle, so it’s cheap to hydrate. But don’t shy away from the cold stuff during the winter. Seasonal flavors like snickerdoodle, egg nog, and peppermint make it worth the shiver. And you can always warm up with a hot cup of joe. They serve delicious Zombie coffee that can be as creamy and sugary as you want it (the coffee additions are self-serve, like the yogurt) or plain if you want to cut the sweetness of the fro yo.

We’re partial to the downtown location near Farragut Square. True to zen minimalism, there are only a few tables in the shop, but nearby benches in Farragut Square extend the seating. With its soothing fountains and flowers, the square makes the perfect backdrop for a moment of meditative yogurt contemplation!

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1634 I St., NW
Washington, DC
(1) 202-347-0022

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