Stiff Backs Relax at the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC

December 25, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC, US – Washington, DC is not exactly a stranger to high-strung, high-powered types. This is, after all, America’s capital, where the plethora of politicos stands tall, braced at every moment for attack or counterattack. Surely the strain of being an upright public servant can wreak havoc on even the strongest of spines. And when it does, it takes some powerful massaging to roll out all the knots.

It’s not just indulgent back rubs, but all kinds of massages, that are a highlight of The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental in the Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC. High-intensity statespeople could undoubtedly benefit from the exotic, Asian-inspired treatments de rigeur at this wellness destination. The Oriental Bamboo Massage targets stress spots with wood and hand pressure, and the Oriental Body Massage, specially recommended for tired execs and other type As, draws on ginger, mandarin, and frankincense for relieving shoulder and neck pain. Other tired parts can receive their own muscle-relaxing palpations as well: Time-Reversal Facials come with a cold-stone face massage, and the Oriental Harmony signature treatment kneads out cricks in both head and feet.

Ironing out the kinks, though, goes only so far when stress goes deeper than a deep-tissue massage. That’s where the spa’s ultra-calming ambience is a boon for battle-weary statespeople. Each treatment room in this 10,500-foot “Heat and Water Experience” area allows for custom lighting and aromas, while the common space is warm and neutral with burnished brass ceilings, a waterfall, and views of the Tidal Basin. The more traditional sauna and fitness pool are also accompanied by facilities that creatively reimagine relaxation: The water of the Experience Showers and Vitality Pool purges negative energies, and the spacious Amethyst Steam Room uses the crystal’s purifying power to heal inside and out. And when taking advantage of all the facilities becomes its own source of exhaustion, there’s a designated relaxation room for all the rest.

Backing down has never brought such relief.

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The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental
Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC
1330 Maryland Ave., SW
Washington, DC

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