Waxes, Not Taxes, at Bliss in Washington, DC

March 5, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – Just like the federal budget, the spa culture in Washington, DC can seem perpetually out of balance, veering toward the formal and the stuffy at the expense of freewheeling leisure. But Bliss, a branch of the hip spa chain at the W Washington D.C., injects some much-needed levity into the way the Beltway unwinds.

On the spa’s website, in fact, they ask, “What if our nation’s Capital tried balancing complexions instead of the budget?” That focus on the facial instead of the fiscal (not to mention a little good-natured humor) would undoubtedly yield far fewer furrowed brows up on the Hill.

Bliss is known for its sumptuous facials, especially the Triple Oxygen Facial. It delivers a three-oxygen punch to clear out bacteria and dead skin cells and then infuse the skin with nutrients and hydration. Other cleverly named treatments for the face include the “No ‘Zit’ Sherlock” and the “Peeling Groovy” to target acne and aging, respectively.

The spa menu goes way beyond just the face, though. There’s expert (and relatively painless) waxing for all of your hirsute zones as well as laser hair removal. Manis and pedis in the nail lounge whip those cuticles into shape. Massages are divine, and body treatments run the gamut from relaxing hot salt scrubs and carrot-sesame body buffs to firming and toning treatments (“The Love Handler,” anyone?). Actually, you might need to consider The Love Handler after grazing at the brownie buffet, a decadent Bliss signature.

But it isn’t just the tongue-in-cheek treatment names and access to chocolate that makes Bliss so fun. The whole vibe is hip, with funky mod décor, R&B tunes bumping on the sound system, and fresh Bliss products used throughout. It’s a refreshing change from the more solemn spas in town.

Perhaps the only buzzkill is that there are separate lounges for men and women, which is a bit of a bummer if you want to relax with your significant other. But that’s the only evidence of “partisan” division in the 3,000-square-foot space. Republicans, Democrats, Independents…all are welcomed here to truly “bliss” out.

Which makes us think: with each facial they administer, Bliss is getting closer to its declared goal of true “bi-’pore’-tisanship”!

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W Washington D.C.
515 15th St., NW
Washington, DC
(1) 202-661-2416

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