Waxing Philosophical at Skin Beauty Lounge in Washington, DC

February 22, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, US – The old adage “beauty is only skin deep” is a lovely philosophical sentiment about the importance of one’s inner character over external appearance. But Skin Beauty Lounge, a sweet salon/spa in DC‘s Eastern Market neighborhood, puts an entirely different twist on the saying. It’s a place where “beauty is not only skin deep.” In other words, if you’re setting out to beautify, why limit yourself just to skin?

For your dermis, there’s an array of treatments and facials. You can get your face scrubbed with diamond tips, 24 karat gold, or fabulous Dermalogica anti-aging products. Skin will glow head to toe after a full-body wrap or body polish, and airbrush tanning will take care of any less-than-glowing bits.

But that’s just the beginning. What the lounge is really famous for is its expert waxing services on literally every cranny of your bod. We’re talking brows, lips, cheeks, arms, legs, feet, and stomach. Somehow their expert technique really manages to lessen the pain. They are especially skilled at dealing with the most “delicate” of areas, including buttocks and bikini line.

There’s an international array of bikini styles (American, French, Brazilian, and Japanese), and if you go Brazilian, the tongue-in-cheek menu for shaping any left-behind hairs is certainly fun (mohawk, martini glass, and heart shapes available!). Their bikini therapy treatments address any ingrown hairs and discoloration too. Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more stylish down there, they throw in the option of “vajazzle.”

If, after a facial, body wrap, wax, and bling, it seems like there’s nothing left to beautify, think again. You can get your brows tinted and your lashes tinted, extended, and even permed! These aren’t your average drugstore lash extensions−they use surgical grade adhesive to apply individual extensions to each and every lash, a painstaking process that takes up to two hours. And let’s not forget ear candling! The treatment gets the waxy muck out of your ears and has health benefits too. Talk about dealing with every cranny…

No matter what service we choose, we always find the staff to be friendly and no-nonsense, while the neutral, contemporary treatment rooms are clean and professional without being cold or clinical. Skin Beauty Lounge may be all about beauty, but the warm salon is anything but superficial.

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Skin Beauty Lounge
404 8th St., SE
Washington, DC
(1) 202-543-6993

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